The Liner Notes

----The key to the context----

Into to minimal, acoustic jazz, and polyrhythms? Didn't think so. Check out Dawn of Midi and and their outstanding new record "Dysnomia".

They will be celebrating the launch of "Dysnomia" at the Poisson Rouge on Tuesday, September 3rd. $10 advance. Tickets available here.

One of the most insightful, earnest, and downright hilarious speeches ever given.

"So as the records that my music was initially released on give way to a cloud of ones and zeroes, and as I carry my entire record collection since I was 13 in my breast pocket, I'd like to talk about the one thing that's been consistent over the years: the genesis and power of creativity, the power of the songwriter, or let's say composer, or just creator. So whether you're making dance music, Americana, rap music, electronica; it's all about how you are putting what you do together. The elements you're using don't matter. Purity of human expression and experience is not confined to guitars, to tubes, to turntables, to microchips. There is no right way, no pure way, of doing it. There's just doing it.

We live in a post-authentic world. And today authenticity is a house of mirrors. It's all just what you're bringing when the lights go down."

Bruce Springsteen Keynote Address at SXSW 2012